zondag 16 maart 2008

Gothic Arches : All things Celtic

Heerlijk thema !!

26 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Prachtig is ie weer Liesbeth!

vintage wil zei

Wat is dit mooi een lust voor het oog mijn complimenten!!!

Debby zei

WOW!!! This is wonderful. Love it.

Judy zei

Beautiful, absolutely stunning - and that background is amazing, Liesbeth!

Stempelchaotin zei

Wooooooooooow wonderful arch. Looks so great. Beautiful details.

Anoniem zei

Prachtige arch, schitterende achtergrond.

~*~Patty zei

Oh so beautiful Liesbeth!!! I got to visit Ireland several years ago and your arch takes me back there. I have a little cross just like on your arch = lovely!!!

~*~Patty zei

I just had to come back again and say how much I LOVE your Celtic arch. The crosses really speak to me :)

carylsrealm zei

Fabulous arch!

Barbara zei

Beautiful arch, love how you did the swirls and the background.

KardKrazy zei

Wonderful arch!

Carrie zei

I love your interpretation of the theme - its gorgeous - great stamping.

Laura zei

Your arch is adorned with richness of color, pattern and tradition. A beautiful work of art.
Creatively Yours, Laura

Tova zei

Great arch, your background is so beautiful !

Anneke zei

wat een schitterende arch
de achtergrond is zo mooi.
bedankt voor je bezoekje op mijn blog

Sija zei

Hij is weer schitterend Liesbeth!

Mary-Beth zei

Liesbeth, this is gorgeous! I love th stone angel and the crosses are amazing, And I love your background.

Thank you for joining in!

bockel24 zei

What a wonderful background - great arch!

truutske zei

Gweldig mooie arch.
Mooie kleuren gebruikt.

friedaquilter zei

Beautiful arch, love the Celtic crosses and the arch looks deeply mysterious. Also lots of congratulations with your exhibition!! How wonderful to be able to exhibit all your lovely work!

filetta zei

it's wonderful ! I love

cctigrou zei

Super! Absolutely stunning!! Love your arches!!!

Nancy Maxwell James zei

love the deep rich colors and beautiful celtic images - especially the crosses! beautiful!

Kersten zei

Lovely Celtic arch - I am especially keen on the color choice! :)

Marsup zei

Fabulous!!!! I love it!

violette zei

oh it's a really beautiful arch
love it